Wyoming Arts Council


A short history of the Wyoming Arts Council:

  • Established under State Statutes in 1967 during the term of Governor Stanley Hathaway, the Wyoming Arts Council (WAC) celebrated its 45th birthday in 2012.
  • In 1989 the State reorganized, placing the WAC in the Department of Commerce. This department later reorganized, and the WAC was placed in the Department of State Parks & Cultural Resources, where it remains today within the Division of Cultural Resources.
  • The WAC offices are located in downtown Cheyenne in the Barrett Building with the Wyoming State Museum.
  • Current State statutes defining the role of the WAC Board in working with the Department of State Parks & Cultural Resources are 9-2-901 through 9-2-904. Other statutes defining WAC programs are in 16-6-801 through 16-6-805 for Works of Art in Public Buildings.
  • The WAC is funded through State of Wyoming General Funds, National Endowment for the Arts Federal Funds, endowments and private donations, sponsorships and registrations for events such as the annual Governor’s Arts Awards.