Wyoming Arts Council

Mission and Vision


The Wyoming Arts Council provides leadership and invests resources to sustain, promote and cultivate excellence in the arts.


WAC envisions a Wyoming where the arts are integrated into the economy, education and everyday life of its citizens.


  • The arts are a foundation for community development, education, economic development, health, and cultural vitality.
  • The arts help us understand ourselves, our world and our cultural heritage
  • The arts preserve and protect our cultural history while opening a door to new cultural frontiers
  • The arts influence lifelong learning practices that allow innovative ideas to flourish in all sectors of economic development
  • The arts prepare children and adults to become creative, productive citizens of the state

Focus areas

  • Providing Services, Investing in Capacity
  • Lifelong Learning through the Arts
  • Sustainable Funding
  • Communication and Visibility
  • Inspiration, Values and Public Benefits