Wyoming Arts Council

Final Report Requirements


What is a Final Report?

Everyone who receives funding from the Wyoming Arts Council is required to complete a Final Report after the project is over.

Since projects frequently change or have unexpected outcomes, this is your opportunity to tell us what happened.  This information is then used to report to the Legislature and the National Endowment for the Arts.   Call the WAC at 307-777-7742 if you have questions.

FY 2017 Final Reports for projects taking place after 7/1/16

FY 2017 Final Reports have been released for Community Support, Professional Development, Rural Arts Access grants and Fellowships.  Folk Art Mentoring and Partnership Final Reports are still being developed in the new e-granting system, and as soon as they are available, the User who applied for the grant will receive an email to let them know they can begin working on their Final Report.  Grantees whose Project End Date has already passed by when the Final Report was released to them will have 60 days from the day they receive the email to submit their Final Report.

  • All FY 2017 Final Reports will be due 60 days after the Project End Date.
  • You will need to log into the GO! grants system to access FY 2017 Final Reports by scrolling down the left margin on any of the GRANTS pages, then click on:  ACCESSING GRANTS AND FINAL REPORTS, then click on GRANTS AVAILABLE AFTER JULY 1st and select the appropriate grant category to be taken to the GO! grants system, or go directly to:  https://wyoming.culturegrants.org/
  • The User who submitted the application will be responsible for submitting the Final Report through the new e-grant system.
  • Instructions on how to submit your FY 2017 Final Report will be forthcoming.
  • Final Report Signature Forms will no longer be required.

FY 2016 Final Reports for projects taking place through 6/30/16:  Expand


  • Final Reports for Anytime and Grant Programs with Deadlines are due 60 days after the Project End Date, and IAPD, Fellowship, and Folk & Traditional Arts Mentorship Final Reports are due 30 days after the Project End Date.
  • You will need to log into the old Cybergrants e-granting system to access FY 2016 Final Reports. Scroll down the left margin on any of the GRANTS pages, then click on:  ACCESSING GRANTS AND FINAL REPORTS, then click on  GRANTS AVAILABLE UNTIL JUNE 30th and select the appropriate grant category to be taken to the appropriate Cybergrants Log In Screen.  After you have logged in, your Welcome Page will appear.  Scroll down to the Impact Reports Requiring Action section and click on the link to begin working on your Final Report (Impact Report). Remember to SAVE and PROCEED at the bottom of each page so you don’t lose any information.
  • A Final Report is scheduled to be released to the grant seeker on the project end date.  If you wish to begin work on the Final Report prior to the project end date, just contact the WAC so we can release the Final Report early.   Final Reports should be submitted by the due date. If extenuating circumstances prevent this, the grant seeker should email the WAC to request an extension.  Applicants who have late Final Reports will not receive any WAC grant payments or be awarded future grants until the delinquent Final Report has been submitted.
  • The grant seeker who submitted the original request will also submit the Final Report.  If they are no longer with the applicant organization, someone else from the organization should register as a grant seeker and then contact the WAC, so we can release the Final Report to them to complete.
  • All project documentation should be uploaded to your Final Report in our e-granting system. The only exception to this is the Final Report Signature Form, which should be signed by two different legal representatives of the applicant organization (or one signature if an individual grant).  If you used a Fiscal Sponsor, they must provide one of the two signatures.  Mail the signed form to the WAC within seven to ten days after you submit your Final Report.
  • All documentation for your project, including receipts, should be retained by your organization for at least three years in case your grant is audited.
  • Following are the things you will need to complete your Final Report:
    • A breakdown of audience/participants into groups such as Youth (18 and under), Administration, General Audience, and Artists. Count individuals only once even if they participated multiple times.
    • You will create a Financial Template form (budget) and then upload it to your Final Report.  It will show actual cash expenditures and income, as well as cash match and any in kind donations.  This form is very similar to the Financial Template form you completed for your original request, so you may want to refer back to it.
    • Cents should be rounded up or down to whole dollars.
    • Receipts should not be uploaded to the Final Report.
    • Total Cash Income should be equal to or more than Total Cash Expenses.
    • The Grant Amount Spent Figure should be the grant amount you were awarded.
    • Keep a copy of the Financial Template form for your records, and upload this form to the Final Report.
    • Use the totals from the Financial Template to input into the report, so they match exactly.
    • Special Guidelines for food:  Food expenses may only be listed on the financial template form if they meet one of the following criteria:
    • Per diem for artists or others traveling in connection with the grant.
      • Per diem for artists or others traveling in connection with the grant.
      • Food supplies for teaching and/or demonstrating, and results are not sold.
    • A short summary of the project, including any changes.  WAC staff should be notified about any major changes to your project in writing as soon as they occur.
    • A summary of information garnered through the evaluation of the project. You do not need to upload actual evaluation forms.  You will also need to address accessibility and the impact the project had.
    • Upload the best 3-5 digital photos, preferably high resolution, to showcase the project.  Other documents and audio/visual materials that demonstrate the project may also be uploaded.  By uploading photos, you are giving permission for them to be used in publications by the WAC and its funders.
    • Copies of all publicity about the project should be uploaded, and should acknowledge the WAC as a funding source.
    • An Artist Evaluation Form must be uploaded for all Artists Across Wyoming grants, and is also required for other grants utilizing WAC Artist Roster artists.
  •   How do I submit my Final Report?
    • After printing a hard copy of the Final Report Signature Form, click SAVE AND PROCEED and the Final Report will appear in its entirety.
    • If you missed filling in any of the required fields, you will receive an error message.  Click on the error link and it will take you to the screen that the error appears on, so you can correct it and save the changes.  Return to the Signature Form page, click SAVE AND PROCEED again and you will be back to your completed Final Report.
    • Print a hard copy of your Final Report for your records.
    • Click on the SUBMIT key, and you should receive an email that your Final Report was successfully submitted.
    • Get two different signatures on the Final Report Signature Form and mail it in to the WAC.  NOTE:  If you used a Fiscal Sponsor, then they must provide one of the two signatures.
    • If additional information is needed, or staff has any questions on your Final Report, they will contact you or return your Final Report electronically for revisions.
    • After your Final Report has been read and approved, you will receive notification via email from the WAC.