Wyoming Arts Council

How To Apply

Simply click on the ACCESS THE E-GRANT SYSTEM link found on the lower left side of the GRANTS PAGE.

Be sure to click on the correct grant program link so you access the correct grant request form.


After you click on the GRANTS page and then click on the ACCESS THE E-GRANT SYSTEM, you will be directed to the Log In screen for the grant category that you selected.

Type in your e-mail address and password to access the e-grant system.  You are called the Grant Seeker in the E-Grant system.

If you are a First Time User, you will need to click on this link so you can create your Password.

  • Be sure to have your organization’s EIN # from the I.R.S. available.
  • Schools may also register with their NCES # if they do not have the School District’s EIN#.
  • If an organization with the same EIN you listed is already registered in the E-Grant system, you will receive a message saying this, so you should use the existing organization. The only time you would create a new organization record is when your organization is not already in the e-granting system.
  • Note that the e-granting system treats individuals like an organization, so you will need to list all of your personal information in the fields provided.

If your organization does not meet WAC eligibility requirements of being a 501c3 non profit organization or a government agency, you can still apply for WAC grants if you can find an organization who does meet these requirements and is willing to serve as your Fiscal Sponsor.  Once you have your Fiscal Sponsor lined up, you can enter an Invitation Code to bypass the eligibility portion of the E-Grant system. This Code is available by calling the WAC at (307) 777-7742.

There is a Fiscal Sponsor page in the request where you will provide all of their information, so do not list any of your Fiscal Sponsor’s information in your Organization record. If your request is funded and you used a Fiscal Sponsor, they must provide one of the 2 signatures on the Subgrantee Award Agreement and Final Report Signature Form.


A WELCOME PAGE with your name at the top will appear after the E-Grant system verifies your eligibility. On this page, you can:

  • View a blank grant request form
  • Register to become the Grant Seeker for more than one organization.  The E-Grant system is not set up to allow you to enter an Invitation Code for the second organization you want to register for.  Therefore, if this second organization does not meet WAC eligibility requirements, you will need to contact the WAC to help you complete this registration process.
  • Start a New Application.
  • Review pending Applications Requiring Action that have not been submitted yet.
  • View submitted Applications for your organization.
  • Review pending Final Reports (called Impact Reports in our e-granting system).
  • View submitted Final Reports for your organization.

The E-Grant system uses the I.R.S. database to verify eligibility. If your organization’s eligibility cannot be verified, you will need to:

  • Verify with your accountant that you entered the correct EIN#.
  • If the EIN# is correct, contact the I.R.S. to verify that your 501c3 non profit status is current.  If they verify your status is current, then fax the WAC a copy of your 501c3 letter and we will provide you with an Invitation Code to bypass the eligibility portion of the log in process.
  • Most Government agencies (including schools) cannot be verified by the I.R.S. database, so you will need to contact the WAC for an Invitation Code to bypass the eligibility portion of the log in process the first time you apply.  After the WAC has received your request, staff will be able to manually verify your Organization’s status and you will no longer need to use an Invitation Code.


  • When you are at the WELCOME PAGE, scroll down and click on the START A NEW APPLICATION link
  • Page tabs will appear on the top of the screen.  You will be asked to fill out information on each page, SAVE it and proceed on to the next page.  If you complete all of the required fields on the page, you will automatically be taken to the next page.  However, if you leave any required fields blank, you will be prompted to go back and fill them in.  If you want to fill in the remaining fields at another time, then manually click on the next page tab at the top of the screen to be taken to the next page of the application.
  • Update your Organization’s information each time you access the E-Grant system to make sure it is current, because email addresses and personnel change frequently.
  • One or more Grant Contacts need to be designated for each grant request submitted.  You can check existing Grant Contacts or add new ones.  If using an existing Grant Contact, be sure to click on their name to open up their record and make sure all of the information is still current. Grant Contacts have the most knowledge about the specific project that funds are being requested for.  The Grant Seeker can also be the Grant Contact, or it can be someone else.
  • Fiscal Sponsor – if your organization had to use a fiscal sponsor because you did not meet WAC eligibility requirements, you must provide all of their information on this page of the request.  You should never list the fiscal sponsor’s EIN or DUNS # in your Organization record.  You also must upload a signed letter from your fiscal sponsor stating they are willing to serve as the fiscal sponsor for this grant.  A copy of their 501c3 letter or evidence of government status must also be uploaded to the request.  You should leave this page blank if you are not using a fiscal sponsor.  NOTE:  If your request is funded and you used a fiscal sponsor, they must provide one of the 2 signatures on the Subgrantee Award Agreement and Final Report Signature Form.
  • The Financial Template form is a required form that must be created and uploaded to every grant request.  This form was created in Excel and provides the detailed budget information for each request.  We recommend you complete this form first, print a hard copy of it, and then copy the financial figures from this form over into your request, so they match.
  • Required Cash Match – All WAC grants require a 1:1 cash match.  The WAC prefers a 100% cash match , but some grant categories do allow for up to 50% of the applicant cash match to be made with In-kind donations. Grantees are responsible for maintaining appropriate records of In-kind donations of time or items, and documenting that in the event of an audit.  Calculation of cash match figures is available on the Financial Template form.
  • Attachments – The WAC prefers that all attachments be uploaded to the grant request.  If they cannot be uploaded, then they can be emailed to WAC staff and they will upload them for you.  If an attachment cannot be emailed, it may be mailed to the WAC, but this should only be done as a last resort.  After the attachments are uploaded to your grant request, they will be recycled unless the grantee provides a SASE and asks for their return.  If an attachment is a magazine or large item that cannot be easily scanned, you will need to mail the WAC enough copies for each panel member (i.e. 3 copies for IAPD, Arts Projects and Capacity Building, and 8 copies for the Quarterly and Annual grant categories).
  • Reviewing your Application before you submit it – After you clicked on the SAVE/PROCEED button on the last page of the request, a new screen will appear that shows your grant request in its entirety.  If you receive an error message on this screen, that means that you have left one or more required fields blank somewhere in your request.  Click on the underlined blue link that appears in the error message, and it will take you back to the page that has the missing information on it.  Add the missing information, SAVE that page, go back to the last page of the request again and click on that SAVE button and your entire request will be brought up again.  Repeat process, if necessary, until your grant request is complete.  PRINT A HARD COPY of your request on this screen, because this is the only place you can do this.
  • Submit your Request – Once your request is complete and you have printed a hard copy of it, click on the SUBMIT key at the bottom of the screen and your request will be sent electronically to the WAC.  After you hit the SUBMIT key, you will not be able to make any more changes to your grant request.  You will receive an auto email to let you know that your request has been successfully submitted, and what request number has been assigned to you.  If you do not receive this email for some reason, contact the WAC.
  • Revisions – If WAC staff needs to ask the Grant Seeker to make revisions to their request, they will return the request back to them electronically to make these changes.  The Grant Seeker will receive an email asking them to log back into the e-granting system to make the necessary revisions and then re-submit their request.  NOTE:  You should not create a new grant request to incorporate any revisions – you should always revise the original request you already submitted.