Wyoming Arts Council

Grant Data and Award Info

FY15 AE GTO OSG grants

Lists of Grants from Previous Fiscal Years

Note fiscal years run July 1–June 30.

Data about WAC’s Grant Funding

Where does WAC’s grant funding go? How is it distributed? The following information provides some data for those interested in these questions.

Grant Funds by County: This document is a table showing multiple years of funding in each Wyoming county. It includes grant dollar totals, number of organizations/individuals funded and number of communities funded.

County Distribution of Grant Funds Graphs: These graphs show how much money went to each county since 2010 and include totals for each county.

Interested in seeing a breakdown of how our grant funds are spent by category? Try Grant Funding by Category

Let us know if there is other data you might be interested in seeing!

Fiscal Year 2013 Grant Maps

 Please click on the “pins” for details on grant type, amount, and organization.  You can also scroll in and out for a more detailed or broader view.

FY 2013 All Grants

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FY 2013 Artists Across Wyoming Grants

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FY 2013 Arts Projects Grants

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Grants Key

  • AAW – Artists  Across Wyoming
  • AP – Arts Projects
  • CAP – Community Arts Partners
  • FAM – Folk Art Mentorships
  • FELLOW – Fellowships
  • GTO – Grants to Organizations
  • IAPD – Individual Artist Professional Development
  • OSG – Operating Support Grants
  • PART – Partnership
  • CB-Capacity Building Grants