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Bob Berky

Meet Bob Berkey — one of our talented Roster Artists!

Go to Roster Directory to see all of the amazing roster artists that you can hire to do an assembly or a residency in your school, provide entertainment at a senior center or at an upcoming event, teach seniors or students to write their memoirs, provide training at your next event, and much more!

Artists Across Wyoming (AAW) grants require that you use a Roster Artist, but you can also use Roster Artists in any of the other WAC Grant Categories.  AAW grants can help pay for some of the expenses associated with the Roster Artist project.

Grants in this category

-Help the WAC enhance the quality of life for the people of Wyoming by providing resources to sustain, promote and cultivate the arts.

-Benefit local artists by putting them to work here in Wyoming.

-Benefit 501c3 non profit organizations, government agencies and schools by allowing them to utilize the talents of one or more artists on the current WAC Artist Roster. Click on this link to view all of the current artists available on the WAC Artist Roster and see which one fits your project needs.   Roster artists may also be used in all of the other WAC grant programs.

-Are the easiest WAC grant application form to complete, and have the shortest minimum deadline to submit your request.

-Are reviewed and approved by WAC staff, so they are not sent out for panel review.   Requests that meet grant criteria are funded on a first-come, first served, basis until funding has been depleted.

How do I start the process? 

  • Contact the Roster Artist you are interested in hiring to discuss your project.
  • Finalize the artist fee and when the artist will expect to receive payment.
  • Create a simple contract that outlines what the artist will do, so both of you can sign it and keep a copy for your records.
  • Review our WAC Grant Guidelines.
  • 501c3 non profits should verify they are currently in good standing with the Secretary of State’s office before they apply.

It is easy to complete the on-line application!

  • Click on the Access the E-grant application link for Artists Across Wyoming to log in.  This is found in the lower left side of all of the GRANT pages.
  • Log in as a new user and create your password.  (If you are already registered as a grant seeker in our e-grant system, you can log in normally).  Obtain your organizations EIN# (or NCES # if you are a school), as well as their DUNS # before you register.  The system will tell you if an organization with the EIN# you entered already exists.   Use the existing record and do not create a new organization record.  If you receive an error message that your organization does not meet WAC eligibility requirements, contact the WAC Grants Manager at (307) 777-7743.
  • A “Welcome Page” with your name appears.
  • Scroll down/click on the START A NEW APPLICATION link.
  • Fill out each page of the application.  Click the SAVE and PROCEED button on each page to save your information.  After you complete all required fields on the page, you will automatically be taken to the next page.  If you did not complete all required fields and wish to fill them in later, still click on the SAVE and PROCEED button, and then go to the top of the screen and manually click on the next page.
  • Tell us what you are hiring the artist to do,  i.ethe who/what/where/ why, and be sure to include a strong arts element. You will also be asked to complete a simple budget that lists your project expenses and income.  You may mention if the project is part of a larger event, but the AAW application should primarily be about what you are hiring the WAC roster artist to do.  If WAC provides funding for a project that is part of a larger event, all publicity should reflect that the WAC is sponsoring the artist project, and not the entire event.
  • All documents should be uploaded to your application.  If you are unable to upload the required documents, contact the WAC.
  • Review your completed Application.  An error message will appear if you forgot any required information.  Click on the error message link to be taken to the page where the missing information needs to be filled in.   When done, go back to the final Authorized Signature Page, hit SAVE and PROCEED to go back to the completed Application page.
  • Print a hard copy of your final Application for your records, and click SUBMIT .
  • An Auto Email will be sent to you that says you have successfully submitted your request.  The Request # assigned to your Application will appear in this email, so write this # on your Signature Form before you mail it to the WAC.  If you do not receive this email within 24 hours, contact the WAC.
  • Staff will review your application.  If you need to make revisions, staff will call, email or return your request back to you electronically to revise.
  • You will receive an email to let you know your request has been approved.  If your request was not approved, you will recieve a letter in the mail.
  • A blue, two pocket award folder should arrive within 2-3 weeks, which contains the official award letter and two copies of the Subgrantee Award Agreement.  Obtain two authorized signatures on one of the Agreements*, and mail it back to the WAC asap, so we can process your grant payment.  While the WAC cannot guarantee you will receive payment before your project start date, we do our best to get your payment to you as quickly as possible.  Payment is issued to the grantee, who is then responsible for paying all of the project expenses, including the artist fee.  *If you used a Fiscal Sponsor, someone from that organization must supply one of the two signatures.
  • After your project is over, you will need to complete a Final Report.  Your request tells us what you think will happen, and the final report tells us what actually happened.  It is released electronically to the grantseeker on the project end date.  If you wish to begin work on it sooner, just call the WAC and we can move up the release date.

Grant Information

Contact: Karen Merklin
Deadline: Minimum of 4 weeks prior to the project start date. Projects taking place in June must be submitted by May 31st
Timeline: Project dates must fall between July 1 and June 30
Amount: Maximum request is $750
Match Requirements: Grant funds must be matched, dollar for dollar, so the amount requested must not exceed 50% of the project’s total cash expenses. Up to 50% of the applicant's cash match may be in kind (donated items or time).
E-Grant Application: