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2/7/2014 UPDATE:  Due to overwhelming response, we are unable to accept any new Arts Project requests for projects taking place before July 1, 2014. 

You may still apply for projects taking place after July 1, 2014; however, notification of grant funding will happen after the June 5-6, 2014, WY Arts Council Board meeting.


The WAC Board met in Laramie, WY on 5/30-31/13 and decided to reduce funding for Arts Projects grants to $2,000 maximum for Fiscal Year 2014.  Contact Michael Lange at (307) 777-7723 if you have any questions regarding this.

Applicants who have arts-related programs that fit the criteria listed below are encouraged to apply for an Arts Project grant:

  • Projects that bring arts to communities that lack access to the arts due to geographic, rural or cultural isolation, limited opportunity as participant and/or audience, economics, disability, age, confinement, or no arts venues.
  • Projects that encourage outreach to underserved populations like disadvantaged youth, people with disabilities, and older adults.
  • Projects that focus on learning in and through the arts, with participants of any age.
  • Arts festivals that present one or more of the visual, literary and/or performing arts.
  • Arts activities that feature folk and traditional arts, which express a community/group’s shared artistic heritage passed down informally through generations. See Folk Arts Program for more information..
  • Community Arts: exhibits, performances, presentations, readings, gallery talks, new work, and more
  • Professional Development: Organizations can request funding for a staff member, board member, or volunteer to participate in a conference, workshop or retreat to enhance an individual’s ability to serve the organization and arts community.

Grant Information

Contact: Michael Lange
Deadline: Minimum of 10 weeks prior to project start date
Timeline: Project dates must fall between July 1 and June 30
Amount: Maximum request is $2,000
Match Requirements: Grant funds must be matched, dollar for dollar, so the amount requested must not exceed 50% of the project’s total cash expenses. Up to 50% of the applicant's cash match may be in kind (donated items or time).
E-Grant Application: