Wyoming Arts Council

Community Arts Partners

Community Arts Partners grant (CAP) encourages the creation of innovative collaborations anchored by the arts.

Successful applications require a government partnership with funding and a support letter. Partnerships are urged for community building, civic engagement, community planning and use of public spaces for the enhancement of economic opportunities and quality of life.

Note: the CAP grant program is not intended for the funding of single cultural events, festivals, concerts or productions, but rather for the creation and evaluation of large scope arts and cultural economic enhancement projects intended to anchor communities.

Rock Springs CAP Grant Video

National Museum of Wildlife Art CAP Grant

Sheridan Artist Guild CAP Video

Advocacy for Visual Arts Center CAP Video

Grant Information

Deadline: July 15th, October 15th, January 15th, April 15th (until funding is expended)
Timeline: Projects must be completed within one calendar year of award date
Amount: $10,000
Match Requirements: Requires a minimum match of 1:1, of which up to 50% may be in-kind (donated items or time).
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