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Performing Arts Fellowships

Application for Theatre Direction, Dance Choreography and Stage Design coming soon!

Performing Arts Fellowships are given in honor of excellence in the artists’ field. They are juried by noted performers in the field on appropriate media samples and artists statements. Up to two fellowships are awarded each year, except for in Theatre Direction, Dance Choreography and Stage Design, when up to three fellowships may be awarded. Judges may also select honorable mentions. The Performing Arts Fellowships are on a four-year rotation:

  • Music performance (2014).  
  • Theatre direction, dance choreography and stage design (2015)
  • Music composition (2016)
  • Dance and Theatre Performance (2017)

This interview with Theatre Performance Fellowship (2012) winner Natalia Duncan talks about the value of the fellowship to her career.

Applications are accepted online via the CaFÉ system for all fellowships except Music Composition. A portfolio may be set up on CaFÉ for free at any time. WESTAF recommends that you use the Firefox, Chrome, or Safari browsers. WESTAF sites are optimized for these browser platforms.


  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must apply as an individual
  • Must have been domiciled within the state borders for a total of 20 months in the previous two years
  • Must be a U.S. citizen or have legal resident status (evidence of U.S. citizenship, resident status and state residency may be required).
  • May not be affiliated with the Wyoming Arts Council either as a board member or staff member, including their families, whether full-time, part-time or contractual.
  • May not be an employee of the Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources.
  • Must remain a Wyoming resident for at least one year after award, living in the state for at least 10 months of the year.
  • Must not be a full-time student pursuing high school, college or university dance- or theatre-related degrees.
  • Must not have received a fellowship within the last four years, or the last time this particular category was offered.
  • May receive a total of two fellowship awards in their lifetime

If you Receive an Award

An agreement will be sent to you. You will receive $2100 up front after you submit your agreement, and the remainder will be paid with the Final Report is complete. Access your Final Report. To complete the final report, you will need a log-in and password. Please contact WAC staff for information. An email is sent automatically to you with this information once it has been set-up, and an email will be sent with the Final Report is available.

Application Requirements for Theatre Direction, Choreographers, and Stage Design:

Application Requirements for Music Performance:


  • Curriculum Vitae, focusing on your music performance work
  • Written statement explaining your concept/choices/process for the works submitted as examples
  • Artistic/biographical statement
  • Uploaded video and audio samples that meet CaFE’s upload requirements

The reason we ask for both DVD and CD is that you will be judged on performance style and the quality of your performance. Sometimes, a video can capture the physical performance but might lack audio quality. This helps the judges cover both aspects of your performances. Performances can feature your original music or that composed by others. Please remove any mention of your name from performances. Our use a blind judging process for all of your fellowships, and ensure that all applicants remain anonymous to our jurors. That’s also the reason we use only out-of-state jurors.

Application Requirements for Theatre & Dance Performance:

For everyone:

  • Curriculum Vitae, focusing on your dance or theatre performance work;
  • Written statement explaining your concept/choices/process for the works submitted as examples;
  • Artistic/biographical statement;
  • Copies of reviews from works within the last five years;
  • Uploaded video per requirements below, that meet CaFE’s upload requirements.

For theatre performance applicants:

  • Audition video;
  • Demo Reel, if available;
  • Three letters of reference from directors with whom you have worked in the past five years.

For dance performance applicants:

  • Video featuring you performing in two to three dance performances

Previous WAC Performing Arts Fellowship Recipients

1990 Beth McIntosh (musician); Lisa Morgan (choreographer); Ron Steger (scenic design); Eugene Zenzen (musician)

1991 Jewel Dirks (composer); Gary Smart (musician); Britton Theurer (musician); Patricia Tate (choreographer)

1992 Chris Kennedy (musician); Randy Milligan (actor); Margaret Stalder (choreographer); Lucy Woodman (composer)

1993 David Dundas (scenic designer); Pamela Glasser (musician); The Grizzlies (musicians); Terry Yazzolino (storyteller)

1994 Tom Empey (theatre director); Kevin S. Hart (musician); Larry Hazlett (light design); Ann Panalsek (choreographer)

1995 Rebecca Hilliker (theatre director); Gary Smart (composer); Theodore Lapina (musician)

1996 Janet Griffith (musician); Jewel Dirks (composer); Patrick Brien (theatre director)

2002 Music Composition: Dave Brinkman (composer), Laramie; Jeff Troxel (composer), Powell

2003 Theatre & Dance Performance: Bob Berky (theatrical clown/mime), Jackson; General McArthur Hambrick (dancer), Laramie

2004 Music Performance: Judd Grossman (singer/guitarist), Jackson; Scott Turpen (saxophonist), Laramie

2005 Theatre Direction, Choreography & Stage Design: Barbara “Babs” Case (choreography), Jackson; Ken George (set design), Casper; Marsha Knight (choreography), Laramie

2006 Music Composition: Christian Erickson (composer), Gillette; Anne Guzzo (composer), Laramie

2007 Theatre & Dance Performance: Kema Jamal (dancer), Cheyenne; Jodeen Tebay (dancer), Jackson

2008 Awards on one-year hiatus

2009 Music Performance: Anne Sibley (singer/musician), Jackson; Theresa Bogard (pianist), Laramie

2010 Theatre Direction, Dance Choroeography and Stage Design: Larry Hazlett  (lighting designer), Laramie; Carrie Noel Richer (film director & choreographer), Jackson; Babs Case (choreographer), Jackson

2011 Music Composition: Anne Marie Guzzo (composer), Laramie; Jeff Troxel (singer/songwriter), Powell

2013 Theatre & Dance Performance: Lawrence Jackson (dancer), Laramie; Natalia Duncan (actor), Jackson. Interview with Natalia Duncan.

2014  Music Performance: Madelaine German, Jackson; Miss “V” the Gypsy Cowbelle, Thermopolis

Grant Information

Contact: Michael Shay
Deadline: Varies