Wyoming Arts Council

Arts for Underserved Populations

The WAC provides grants and builds programs that make Wyoming a state where underserved communities and diverse populations have equal access to arts programming.

The WAC advocates for full access to the arts through individualized assistance to grantees in their efforts to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (504) requirements.  All WAC grantees are required to complete a 504 Self Evaluation during the grant period.

WAC’s most recent SECTION504Workbook was completed in February 2016.

Underserved populations lack access to arts programs due to geographic isolation and/or limited access to quality arts resources and programs due to economic conditions, disability, age or other reason.

Bringing artists and art experiences to Wyoming’s geographically isolated areas is a priority identified in the current WAC Strategic Plan (2016-2020).  To achieve Goal 4 – ‘increase outreach to geographically rural and underserved communities,’ the WAC established two grant opportunities for programs occurring after July 1, 2016.:

The WAC Access/ADA Specialist is available to encourage and support underserved populations, to assist with completing the 504 Self-Evaluation, and to access WAC grant funding.  Contact the WAC’s ADA Coordinator to request ADA services or submit an ADA grievance.

Contact: Anne Hatch