Wyoming Arts Council

WAC Artist Roster

WAC Artist Roster

Congratulations to the new additions to our FY 2016 WAC artist roster:

  • Jalan Crossland
  • June Glasson
  • Kevin Inouye
  • John Nesbitt
  • Meg Thompson
  • Byron Tomingas

These four artists have been approved to continue on the artist roster:

  • Michael Hurwitz
  • Rick Kempa
  • Eddie (Daron) Little
  • George Vlastos

All of these artists will be included on the new artist roster, which will be updated by July 1.

Interested in applying for the FY 2017 WAC Artist Roster? Learn how to apply below.


The Roster features many of Wyoming’s talented literary, visual and performing artists.  After an artist applies for and is approved to be on the WAC ARTIST ROSTER, then organizations can apply for a WAC grant to hire the Roster artist. Artists Across Wyoming grants are available to organizations who hire a Roster artist to do an arts project for them.    Roster Artists may also be used in the other WAC other grant programs, but it is not a requirement.

Every year a new group of artists joins returning artists to represent a wide variety of art forms, cultural and ethnic programs and presentation styles.  The roster gives a WAC “stamp of approval” to accomplished Wyoming artists, and serves as a resource for communities seeking talented artists for festivals, performances, workshops and programs.

Each October, the WAC invites Wyoming artists who would like to be considered for the Roster to submit their applications in CaFE.   Applications are due in December, and a panel of artists and arts professionals convenes each January to review the applications and rate them using criteria in six categories, including artistic professionalism, presentation, expression and subject matter.  Panel recommendations are then provided to the Wyoming Arts Council board, who make the final decision who will be on the roster at their February meeting, which is held in Cheyenne, WY.    See additional information below if you wish to apply to be on the Roster.

The FY 2015 WAC ARTIST ROSTER brochure is available by clicking here.   Contact the WAC if you would like to receive a printed copy of this brochure by calling (307) 777-7742.



  • Browse through the Roster directory to find an artist that meets your needs.  Descriptive paragraphs provide information about each artist.
  • Contact the artist you are interested in to discuss the project.
  • Contact the WAC for additional information about the artist, or if you would like to contact their references.


  • Finalize all details of the project or residency with the artist well before the project start date (exact dates, daily schedule, housing, where the artist will work, number of participants, costs, materials, etc.) .
  • Negotiate the fee that the artist will charge for the project, and when the artist expects to receive payment.
  • Create a simple contract with the artist that outlines what you are hiring them to do.  Both of you should keep a signed copy of the contract for your records.
  • Complete the Artists Across Wyoming grant application.
  • If your organization is awarded a grant, the award will be paid directly to the organization after the signed Subgrantee Award Agreement is mailed back to the WAC.  Your organization is responsible for paying all of the expenses associated with the project, including paying the roster artist.  The WAC cannot guarantee receipt of grant funds by the project start date, so organizations should ensure they have enough funding on hand to pay project expenses, including the artist fee, until they receive the grant funds.
  • Contact the artist a week before the project start date to make sure they don’t have any last minute questions or needs.
  • Decide what method of evaluation you will be using to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the project.  After the project is completed, plan to convene the organizers to discuss how the project went and ways to improve it.
  • Assist the artist with any set up arrangements the day of the project.


  • Contact the artist to see how they felt the project went.
  • Pay all of the expenses associated with the project.
  • If your organization received a WAC grant for this project, then you must complete a final report within 60 days after the project end date to let the WAC know how the project went.

Attention Current WAC Roster Artists!

  • Remember that all current roster artists must re-apply every five years on their anniversary date.
  • Current Roster artists who do not re-apply at the end of their five year period will be removed from the roster on July 1st of the new fiscal year.
  • If you were approved to be on the Roster for Fiscal Year 2013 (7/1/12-6/30/13),  then you will need to re-apply for the Fiscal Year 2017 Roster (7/1/16-6/30/17) during the application period of October 1 – December 1, 2015.  Upon re-approval for FY 2017, you would begin the next five-year cycle, and would need to re-apply for FY 2021 (add five years to the year you applied in).
  • Here is the current Artist Reapply list 3 2015 update.
  • Current roster artists can click here for Helpful hints for WAC Roster Artists 9 4 13 on how they can better promote themselves.

How do I Apply to be on the Roster?   

Roster Applications are accepted from October 1st through December 1st

The application is available in CaFE (Call for Entry), a program of the Western States Arts Federation, and is free to use.  CaFE is a great program that also provides access to many other nation-wide call for entries that you might be interested in applying for.  We encourage artists to set up their Profile and Portfolio in CaFE prior to October 1st, so they are all ready to complete the Roster application in October as soon as it becomes available.


  • Go to CaFE at www.callforentry.org
  • Click on HOW TO APPLY for general information about CaFE, how to create your Profile, upload your work samples to your Portfolio and how to select the call for the correct application.
  • Click on MY PROFILE to register.  You do not need an INVITATIONAL CALL PASSCODE.
  • Click on MY PORTFOLIO to upload/store all of your work samples to your CaFE Portfolio.  After you apply for a call, you will select which work samples that you want to include with that call.
  • CaFE HELP offers detailed information on how to apply, as well as an instructional video.  You will also need to upload your  images to your Portfolio, so they are available to upload to actual applications each time you apply for a call.  If you encounter any technical issues in CaFE, click on the CONTACTING US link for CaFE HELP where you can email them at: cafe@westaf.org and a tech will get back with you.
  • 10/1-12/1/2015 –   Log into CaFE and click on APPLY TO CALLS.  Type in Cheyenne in the CITY and click on GO.  The Call for  “Wyoming Arts Council Artist Roster FY 2017” will appear.
  • Click on VIEW MORE INFO to take a look at a Roster application OR click on APPLY TO THIS CALL to actually begin the application process.
  • Upload the work samples from your CaFE Portfolio that you want to include with your Roster application.
  • Complete the application and submit it.
  • Contact the WAC on (307) 777-7742 if you have any application related questions.  We are available to help Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.
  • Click on MY CAFE ENTRIES to see all the entries you have applied for in CaFE.
  • Application deadline is December 1st.   We highly recommend that you submit your application well in advance of the deadline, in case you encounter any issues submitting your application and/or uploading your work samples.



  • The Wyoming Arts Council Artist Roster is a juried list of Wyoming artists interested in working with Wyoming schools and organizations.
  • Artists of all kinds are welcome to apply.
  • The process is competitive, based on the artistic merit and quality of programming.
  • The upcoming Roster application/cycle will be for Fiscal Year 2017, which runs July 1, 2016–June 30, 2017.
  • Accepted artists may be carried forward up to 5 years before they will need to reapply.  They are sent update forms each spring to allow them to update their bio and photo, if desired, and to also let us know that they wish to remain on the Roster for the new fiscal year.


  • WAC Artist Roster seeks to value artistic excellence through the artists selected for the roster, and to engage the public as patrons and advocates for the arts. Roster artists not only represent artistic excellence, but also become ambassadors for the WAC, and are a form of dynamic public art.
  • Libraries, art centers, museums, organizations, schools, festival presenters, and many others who sponsor arts events, can write grants to use the talents of these roster artists to enhance their public activities and programs for Wyoming residents, or to be able to further educate, entertain or inform through the many cultural and artistic forms offered by our roster artists.
  • The WAC endorses skilled Wyoming artists, and gives a WAC “stamp of approval” to accomplished artists and serves as a resource to Wyoming communities seeking talented artists for festivals, performances, workshops, and programs.
  • A roster directory is created annually, and posted online on the WAC web page at www.wyomingartscouncil.org.
  • Groups should create their own profile under the group name, and check “team.” Please do not use the profile of an individual to apply for a group.
  • New artists are added to the roster each year.
  • Roster artists are selected through a rigorous panel process that rates applicants on artistic criteria such as artistic professionalism, presentation, expression and subject matter.
  • New artists accepted onto the roster join returning artists to represent a wide range of art forms, cultural and ethnic programs and presentation styles.
  • Once accepted onto the roster, artists are carried forward for five years, unless they no longer wish to continue on the roster or move out of state. After 5 years, roster artists must reapply.


The Artist Roster Panel members will be using the following criteria to evaluate the roster applications:


  • The WAC encourages artists of all abilities to apply.
  • WAC’s services and programs are open and accessible to people of all abilities.
  • As advocates for full access, the WAC complies with local, state and federal laws and regulations concerning civil and human rights.
  • WAC programs, grants and employment practices are free of discrimination based on race, gender, color, religion, national origin, disability or age.
  • Artists of all abilities are encouraged to apply.


  • Artists in all disciplines are encouraged to apply, and should apply under the appropriate artistic discipline.
  • Visual arts include painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, craft, graphic design, printmaking, installation and media.
  • Literary arts include prose, poetry, theatrical scripts and screenplays.
  • Performing arts include all components of music, theatre and dance.
  • Folk and traditional arts include craft, music and dance stemming from a cultural group and passed on through word-of-mouth and by example, rather than formal or academic means.


  • All work samples must be submitted through CaFE digitally, and should not be mailed or emailed to the WAC.  Images, audio and video files must be uploaded to your Café Portfolio in order for you to add them to your Roster application.
  • If possible, at least one video that shows audience interaction should be uploaded.
  • Performances, presentations, recorded music, conducting a workshop or class, exhibit openings, etc., can be used for work samples.
  • Samples of work should be current, no more than three years old.
  • Work samples must be submitted for each discipline applied for.
  • A professional recording should show both the performance and the audience.  Audio and visual quality is important in presenting the artist favorably and visuals are critical to the judging process. Various camera angles help define the performance venue. Still photos of an event may be submitted if a recording is unavailable, but should show audience, venue, etc.

Literary artists should upload one file, which should include a title page that includes the title of the work and year completed

  • Prose: up to 25 typed double spaced pages
  • Playwriting: up to 25 typed pages, single spaced per professional standards format
  • Poetry: up to 10 pages, typed, single spaced, with no more than one poem per page

These written pages should be uploaded directly into the roster application, and NOT thru the Porfolio.

Visual Artists should submit up to six digital images. This may be six works or four works and two detail images. If you are submitting an installation work, at least two separate installations must be depicted.

Performing Artists work samples must include audience response. Two to four performances, each showing a three  to five minute segment to be reviewed.

Composers: Two scores of recent compositions or two movements from a larger work, such as a symphony or opera, each in a musical manuscript. Additional, a recording of each piece must be uploaded

Designers: Up to six digital images of no more than three productions. These may include schematics. Use the description field to provide name of play, opera or other event, date the design was completed, and location of performance.

Choreographers/theatrical directors: Upload two choreographed dance compositions or plays directed by the applicants, each showing a five minute section to be reviewed.


  • A WAC Roster Artist must live in Wyoming as their permanent residence ten months out of the year. This does not include touring schedules or out-of-state residencies.
  • A Wyoming roster artist making another state or country their permanent residence will be dropped from the roster.
  • Non-roster artists and artists living outside Wyoming can be used in all WAC grant categories except Artists Across Wyoming.
  • Applicants must be a Wyoming resident and 18 years of age or older.


  • You will need to provide a brief statement (2000 character limit).  Describe your work as an artist/group, your media/formats and level of mastery, life experience and/or professional success.  Discuss aspects of the art form that are most captivating and/or create the most artistic passion for you.


  • All applicants must submit two recommendation letters that address the applicant’s presentation/programming.   Letters should include contact information for the writer.  A signed letter is preferred.    Letters should be uploaded to the application.
  • Artists without video may submit up to four recommendation letters.
  • Artists without video showing audience interaction may demonstrate their ability to interact with an audience by submitting two additional recommendation letters that address the presentation/programming with location and date; programming; audience/class size; feedback comments (if available), etc.


1.  Briefly describe two recent public/community activities you have conducted.  Address specifics, such as audience or class size, venue, organizers, length and, if applicable, planning involvement.

2.  Tell us how your education, training and particular artistic sensibility will inform your presentation(s).

3.  In one sentence, describe what you do as an artist (i.e. I am a Shakespearean actor).

4.  If selected to be a roster artist, you will become a dynamic form of public art.  Explain what you are able to offer as a Roster Artist.  List potential audiences, special populations or types of organizations with whom you are interested in collaborating.

5.  Provide a short bio for you or your group that includes some educational background and professional experience.  This will appear in WAC’s promotional materials.  Limit 100 words.

6.  Use 1000 characters to describe what you can offer to potential clients.  This statement will be printed in WAC’s promotional materials.  Include special populations whom you are interested in working with.  If appropriate, also include conceptual themes, artistic disciplines, education outcomes/topics and presentation styles.

7.  Upload an artist resume (3 page limit).  Include references with email and phone number.  References will only be given out upon request.


  • WAC staff review all applications for completeness in December.
  • Qualified applications are reviewed by a peer panel in January.
  • Peer panel gives their recommendations to the WAC Board for final approval in February.
  • All applicants are notified in March if the Board approved them to be on the roster.
  • Staff begin work on the artist roster info that will appear on the WAC web page for the next fiscal year.
  • Prior to July 1st, all roster information will appear on WAC web site.
  • July 1st – new roster artists can be hired by 501c3 non profits and government organizations for Artists Across Wyoming grants, as well as for the other WAC grant programs.

Still Have Questions? 

Contact the WAC at (307) 777-7742.