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A little TRASH for the holidays

The Three Wisewomen, Mollie O. Krafka, Marcia Dunsmore and Janeen Norstegaard, will travel east, (or north, or south, or west), to bring the gift of laughter to your Christmas party.  A Wacked Out Christmas takes you from the onslaught of holiday catalogues to the collapse on December 26. Lyrics including, “it’s beginning to be a vegan Christmas,” sung to well-known tunes such as, “it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas,” will add cheer without spiking the punch.

TRASH‘s show Laughing Matters is a great choice to lighten up the atmosphere during meetings, conferences and fundraisers. Trash sings about topics most people don’t talk about (i.e breast enhancement) and topics people love to talk about (i.e. unintended pregnancy). People from your organization could join the long list of those saying, “I’ve never laughed so hard in my entire life!”

Hysterical History is Black Hills history presented musically with an emphasis on laughter. Choose from five 30-45 minutes shows: Fools & Gold (1875-1885); “Wretched” (aka Rapid) City (1885-1895); Deadwood: Soiled Doves & Miners; Calamity Bill & Wild Jane; Mount Rushmore: We Don’t Take It 4 Granite.

To book TRASH, go to http://www.trashlive.org/; call 307-971-1281 or email trash@rushmore.com

They will be performing Saturday, October 23rd, 7:30 PM @ the Journey Museum in Rapid City, SD.
Tickets are $25 and available at the museum.  
TRASH continues to give back to the community.Trash’s profits are donated to charitable organizations both local and national. Over $250,000 has been given during Trash’s 28-year history.

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