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Apply for Transnational Communities Award

From a press release:

The Transnational Communities Award is open to artistic, cultural and social projects that creatively use the technologic and conceptual tools available in the web, broadening the channels of communitarian communication and interaction and giving rise to spaces online where practices and stories are shared. The purpose of this award is to foster the access to cultural goods and to the technologies involved in its production and distribution, to promote the diversity of expressions and to recognize the citizen participation of the Transnational Communities that link Mexico and the United States in a daily and permanent way.

The call for submissions is open to individuals, groups, associations, organizations and institutions from Mexico and the United States that develop artistic, cultural and social projects for which the Internet is both a sufficient and necessary condition of viewing, expressing and participating.

Among the fields of activity subsumed are: video (communitarian video, documental, videoart, videoclip, videomail, telenovelas/soap operas), net.art, citizen journalism, digital communities, online forums, weblogs social networks, videogames online, online artistic collaboration projects, electronic literature, digital narrative, online communitarian radio, podcasts, etc. During the annual festival, the winner will be awarded with USD 3,500.

For further information on the submission please visit http://www.transitiomx.net/concurso,
Or refer directly to:
Mariana Delgado
Communication and Public Affairs Coordinator
US-Mexico Foundation for Culture, Inc.
Tel. (52 55) 55 35 67 35

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