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Apply now for 2008-2009 WAC Artists’ Roster

The Wyoming Arts Council invites you to apply for its 2008-2009 Artists’ Roster. Applications will be mailed this week to those on our individual artist mailing lists in folk arts, performing arts, visual arts, and literature. You may also access a printable roster application by going to the WAC web site at https://wyoarts.state.wy.us and clicking on the “Artists Roster” link on the home page.

Application deadline is March 31, 2008.

Here are some FAQs about the roster:

Q; Who may apply?
A; Artists in all artistic disciplines. You must be a current Wyoming resident and 18 years of age or older.

Q: Why do we have a roster?
A: WAC is dedicated to promoting Wyoming artists in all disciplines. The roster serves two purposes: it gives a WAC “stamp of approval” to the roster artist and also serves as a resource to Wyoming communities, organizations and schools seeking quality artists for their local programs. The roster is available on the WAC web page and is distributed in paper format statewide via the summer issue of Wyoming Artscapes newsletter.

Q: How often is a new roster developed?
A: New artists can apply each year, while artists already on the roster may be carried forward to 2011 without reapplying, if they update their information each year and receive good evaluations/reviews from WAC grantees. In 2011, all artists will need to re-apply.

Q: Can artists who are not on the WAC Artist Roster work on Arts Council sponsored projects?
A: Yes, the Arts Across Wyoming grant program requires that organizations use artists from the roster to receive grant funds in this category. Artists who appear on the roster can be used for all other WAC grants. Artists not on the roster can be used for all WAC grants except Arts Across Wyoming.

For questions about, or assistance with the roster application process, contact one of the following staff members:
Grants Mgr./Roster Coordinator: Karen Merklin, 307-777-7743, KMERKL1@state.wy.us
Folk and Traditional Arts: Annie Hatch, 307-777-7721,
Literary/Performing/Visual Arts: Mike Shay, 307-777-5234,

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