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BBHC hosts new blog

Thanks to the federal grant funding agency Institute of Museum and Library Service (IMLS), the Buffalo Bill Historical Center’s Conservation Department has launched an Internet blog titled “Connecting to Collections: Exploring the questions facing Wyoming’s cultural institutions.”

Conservator Beverly Perkins and Coordinator Laura Fry decided to start a blog as part of a statewide IMLS Planning grant for Connecting to Collections. Says Fry, “The blog is a follow-up to a series of five symposia Bev orchestrated last summer about disaster planning as it relates to museum collections care. The weekly blog continues that dialogue about the needs and questions facing Wyoming cultural institutions.”

According to Fry, the blog creates a forum for asking questions, exploring online resources, and discussing techniques among Wyoming museum and library colleagues. Topics include disaster planning, collections funding opportunities, educating museum staff and board members, registration and numbering systems, digitizing collections, and any other issues faced by Wyoming cultural entities.

“We’re also asking questions like, ‘What works well in your institution?’ or ‘What program, system, department, facility, staff member, tool, etc. helps keep your institution running smoothly?'” Fry continues. “As we examine issues and needs, it’s always a good idea to first touch on what’s already working well!”

Fry plans a new blog post each week at http://wyomingcollections.wordpress.com/. Readers can comment, offer suggestions, get a list of relevant links, and sign up for updates.

For more information, contact Fry through the blog, by e-mail at lauraf@bbhc.org or by phone, 307-578-4053.

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