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Call to Wyoming artists: Center for the Arts in Jackson

center for the arts

For this call, artists must reside in the state of Wyoming or Teton County, Idaho:

The Center for the Arts is calling for proposals from individual artists or small artist teams for the Center’s Theater Gallery, Courtyard, Sculpture Pad, and Glenwood Lobby exhibition spaces.

The Theater Gallery is an approximately 35 foot long transitional hallway from the theater to the education pavilion at the Center with exhibition space on both walls of the gallery. The theater hosts over 100,000 audience members every year, so this is a high visibility, high traffic exhibition space.

The Courtyard is an outdoor graveled area, visible through glass on 3 sides, and from the outdoor space above. The courtyard is roughly 30′ by 30′.

The Sculpture Pad is located on the Cache Street side of the Center, visible to passers by, and two blocks from the Town Square. The Sculpture Pad is roughly 51 square feet.

The Glenwood Lobby space is another high traffic area. Located in the heart of the Arts and Education pavilion, this space is seen daily by visitors to the Center’s 19 residents, as well as attendees to any special events taking place in the lobby. The space available in the Glenwood Lobby is 9′ by 20′ and 9′ by 15′.

Pictures of all four spaces are available upon request. We are booking for the 2015 calendar.

This will be a juried call. The jury will be focused on providing diverse, high quality art experiences for the community. Cutting edge contemporary art as well as artists working in traditional media, but with a fresh vision, will be considered. Excellence, contemporary vision, technical expertise and suitability for the space are the criteria by which the jurors will make their selections. Both emerging and established artists are encouraged to apply.

Work can be offered for sale by the artist and a 30% commission will be taken by the Center for the Arts to cover costs.

The Center will provide digital marketing, limited print marketing, and an opening reception for the artist. The work must come to the Center ready for installation, and the artist is responsible for delivering the work to and from the Center for the Arts. The exhibition space is open to the public daily and is not monitored, so exhibiting work is at the artist’s risk, though all care will be taken to insure the safety of the work.

For this call, artists must reside in the state of Wyoming, or Teton County, Idaho.

Artists must provide: 5-10 images, preferably the proposed work itself, or very similar work Current CV A one-page statement of proposal including details on the time frame in which work would be available.

Submission deadline is October 15, 2014

Click here to apply online.

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