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Call for entries: "Space" and "Fame" exhibits at Rutgers Paul Robeson Galleries

Call for entries for visual artists (from NYFA Current):

Two exhibitions – “Space” and “Fame”
Paul Robeson Galleries at Rutgers University, Newark N.J.

With the recent announcement that National Aeronautics and Space Administration (or NASA – best known as the agency that put the first man on the moon), is about to end its moon program for the foreseeable future it seems timely to curate an exhibition about the issues relating to space exploration. We are seeking proposals for work relating to the topic of ‘space’, and this may include: Perceptions of future life based in space, Space agencies, i.e. NASA, Russian space agency, the race for space, NASA by products, Objects in space – moon, sun, stars, planets, asteroid, meteor, galaxy, Ways of viewing space from earth- telescopes, satellites, The life of an astronaut, The possibility of other life forms in space, aliens, Popular culture and science fiction – Television (Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica), film (Star wars) and literature, Design for space – the spaceship, lifestyles within space craft.

Exhibition will be on display September- December 2011.

Fame is defined as an impression, report or opinion about someone or something which is widely known. It may be of a positive of negative nature, and impact on the standing of that individual within a society. The United States has been described as a fame hungry culture, which has been fuelled in recent years by the plethora of communication devices, social networking internet sites which facilitate the dispersal of information in real time, and a slew of reality programming on both television and the internet. This exhibition will focus on the work of artists who address ideas about fame and infamy, celebrity culture, current idols, imitation of celebrities, any and all attempts to secure at least 15 minutes in the spotlight.

Exhibition will be on display January – March 2012.

These exhibitions will be accompanied by substantial exhibition catalogues.


Please do not contact us for a status report on your application; all artists will be notified in due course as to the outcome of their proposal.

All proposals must be posted to: Exhibitions Department, Paul Robeson Galleries, Rutgers University, 350 Dr Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard, Newark, New Jersey, 07102

A proposal should consist of the following:
An artist statement illustrating your concept and how it relates to this exhibition
A CD with images (still or moving) of related artworks and an accompanying list of details about the works (title, date, medium, dimensions, and possibly a narrative).
A recent resume
Your complete contact details – name, address, email address, telephone

Website: http://andromeda.rutgers.edu/artgallery/opportunities/index.html

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