Wyoming Arts Council

Sommers Studio

Contact: Sue Sommers

Pinedale, WY

2D Visual Art | 3D Visual Art & Installation Art

Phone | 3073606205 (mobile)

Web | http://www.suesommers.com

Email | sue@suesommers.com


The space where the intensely personal merges with universal human experience has always energized me. I believe that visual art should satisfy the way great literature satisfies: by challenging us to find beauty and truth in the unexpected.

I participate in the Wyoming arts community as an artist, board member, mentor, donor, connector and communicator. Only about 500,000 people live within Wyoming’s 98,000 square miles. Our isolation makes us all neighbors, even if we don’t always agree.

Allowing space for other people’s points of view and profoundly different life experiences has made me a better neighbor, stronger as an individual, and more flexible as an artist.