Wyoming Arts Council

J Shogren Shanghai'd

Contact: J SHOGREN

Centennial, WY

Independent Music | Singers & Songwriters

Phone | 307.760.3369

Web | http://www.jshogren.com

Email | jshogrenshanghaid@gmail.com


J Shogren Shanghai’d from Centennial WY has a singular vision of what he is doing musically—Roots & folk music filtered through a contemporary dissonant transmitter.

He calls their music - Catawampus Americana. Shogren shows up with a lived-in rasp of a voice, acoustic guitars, a mandolin and a batch of his own songs and some well-traveled numbers by cohorts from another time. Shogren has released numerous albums over the last decade, played all over the Rocky Mtn region & Europe, and represented Wyoming at the International Blues Challenge. Shogren was a finalist in the NewSong Songwriters fest, held at the Lincoln Center in NYC in Dec 2016. He also played the Millennium Stage at the Kennedy Center in Wash DC last year.

"There is authenticity and urgency in these songs [Why so Blue, Bird?]. J Shogren’s music draws from the past but is very much original and in the present. Standouts are Audubon’s Birds of America and Swampland with perhaps the most memorable line… 'love can be so kind to an unremarkable life like mine.'" Grady Kirkpatrick, Wyoming Public Radio Program Director {voted #2 in 2016 by WPR listeners}

"This could well be one of the first albums [Why so Blue, Bird?], in the hundreds of reviews written, that I simply can't compare to anyone else or even come close to slotting into a genre." American Roots UK