Wyoming Arts Council


At an early age I began to take an interest in abstract artwork, specifically minimalist abstraction. As a photographer that work always felt so far away. It was expressive and driven by something so far from realism that it felt like magic. Spending my younger years as a photographer creating graphic and colorful compositions felt good, like I was moving in a direction I enjoyed. Simply put - I still wasn’t creating the type if work that I loved so much from the painters I worshiped years earlier. On my birthday, in 2016 in León, Nicaragua I woke up before my travel companions and started to walk to city streets. The rising sun and quiet streets brought out the simple detail and vibrant colors of the city. I started photographing sections of buildings and intentionally removing any thing that could be used to recall scale later. Initiating a wave of creativity, I produced in a way that I never had before. In a matter of hours I had uncovered the project that would occupy the next 4 years of my life and travels.