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Performing as solo, duo, or full band setups Dauphin plays songs aimed at the deeper parts of the heart.

From Mike Morris, Fridays at the Hynds: "The designation of “songwriter,” in its truest sense, is both blessing and burden. It’s expansive, and it’s pigeonholed. It’s elevated with grandiose, and it’s mired with toil. It’s one hell of a delicate balance – and the Laramie, Wyoming-based duo, Dauphin, strikes it remarkably well. From the cleverly fingerpicked rhythms of “Someday” to the foot-stomping triumph of “King of Carolina,” there’s no mistaking the band’s capacity to write a lively melody. It’s the literary prowess of frontman Jason Burge, however, that instantly shoots Dauphin to the top of anyone’s “Wyoming Bands to Watch” list. ... Burge is well-versed in his craft. ... Powered with a booming voice and an unmistakable authenticity in his musical aim, Burge almost effortlessly marries the sound of Mississippi with the expansive West in his songwriting. The final result is enough to get you to lower your beer to the table and take in the moment. It’s not all Burge. Ray Mitchell harmonizes brilliantly as a supporting vocalist and lays down rich instrumentation as a lead guitarist. The band also plays with a varying ensemble of supporting musicians – the sound growing richer with each additional instrument, but the nucleus of the music remaining true as ever. Dauphin played Fridays in the Hynds – a winter music festival in Cheyenne, Wyoming that I co-organized – in March 2016. The band was a late fill-in after some scheduling issues with a touring band forced us to shift dates around. Jason was a pleasure to work with throughout the process, and the band was extremely flexible throughout the process (booking, load-in, performance, etc.). From the ubiquitous swing-dancing and the prevailing beers raised to the ceiling, it appeared our crowd enjoyed Dauphin just as much as I did. Let’s put the musty, pen and quill “songwriter” stereotype to bed – Burge and Mitchell don’t just write music, they write music that gets people moving. There’s pulse and there’s pageantry – but rarely pretense – to Dauphin. Let me just pose it to you this way: find me a Wyoming act that’s written a better song than “Heart Says Move” in 2016. You’ll be hard-pressed. The craft of songwriting is alive and well with Dauphin."

"Jason Burge's singing in a small space astounded me. His being is an instrument." Cindy Bloomquist, owner of The Yard in Saratoga