Wyoming Arts Council


When singer-songwriter Patrick Chadwick moved from Boston to Jackson, Wyoming seven years ago, his only major reservation was leaving a bustling music scene behind as he traded a cultural hub for a somewhat sheltered mountain town. To his surprise though, Jackson Hole was actually brimming with talented musicians who were deeply supported by the community and uniquely influenced by the area's natural beauty. Before long, Chadwick had new songs and a folk/bluegrass group called The Flannel Attractions, which attracted a passionate following, national airplay and a spot on Paste Magazine's "Nine Wyoming Bands You Should Listen to Now."

After The Flannel Attractions stopped creating new music in 2014, Chadwick looked to expand his latest songs beyond the bluegrass realm by tapping a broader portion of the local musical talent. With the help of musician and sound engineer Dusty Nichols of the local indie-folk group Canyon Kids, Chadwick recorded his new "Soul of Mine" EP with a number of Jackson Hole musicians at community-driven spaces like Teton Artlab and Henhouse Studio.

Chadwick's affecting chord choice, tumult-tinged lyrics and sincere voice serve as the cohesive centerpiece on "Soul of Mine," allowing the EP's genres to bend but not break. A range of instruments guide the four songs from alt-country to soul pop to indie rock, whether it is a tuneful electric guitar, an ethereal piano, a blaring trumpet or a familiar mandolin from The Flannel Attractions. When these colors converge, Chadwick's debut EP deftly conveys the gripping anxiety that often comes along with human relationships – even in an idealistic mountain getaway like Jackson Hole.

The "Soul of Mine" EP was released on March 25, 2016 and is now available on iTunes, Spotify, CDBaby.com, Google Play, and other online music purchase and streaming sites. Chadwick's collaboration with Jackson native and University of Wyoming graduate Victor Pokorny (Pat + Victor's "Stay! Positive!" EP) was also released online on Aug. 23, 2016. Both EPs have been receiving airplay on Wyoming Public Radio.