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Contact: Staci Foster

Encampment, WY

Independent Music | Singers & Songwriters

Phone | 830-285-1954

Web | http://www.whippoorwillya.com

Email | whippoorwillya@gmail.com


With a palpable partner-in-crime chemistry, Staci Foster and Alysia Kraft write songs that are tough, but pretty. Sharing banjos, guitars, harmonicas and harmonies that blend and weave together so naturally that it's tough to tell who's singing what, Whippoorwill is a fresh new force in Americana. Both confessional writers from country backdrops, they're poets with the proper amount of twang. Their independently released debut consists of six, stick -to-your-heart songs with the poignancy to put them on a much bigger map. Kraft and Foster bear their souls on this defining debut. Country girls, travelers, troubadours, rebels. They're writing from experience and doing it with the right balance of grace and grit.