Wyoming Arts Council


Artist's Statement:
I am interested in creating clean, strong forms that are grounded in a variety of historical references. I want each piece to maintain functionality in spite of all of the embellishments that I add. This speaks of my love for functional vessels as well as my desire to decorate. I enjoy the painstaking process of carving clay. It is a challenge for me to stop decorating before every single surface is covered, and often I find that there is very little negative space by the time I finish. Some of my pots are proud, as if they are in a room saying, “here I am”. They are both strong and fragile. I like to exploit clay’s strength by balancing some of my forms on long slender legs, and I like to consider clay’s fragility when I make long reaching spouts, undulating handles, or deeply carved textures. I sometimes create forms reminiscent of girls’ fantasies and I often decorate them with patterns I discover while doodling. It is this decorative surface that I most enjoy creating. Clay gives me the opportunity to do so over and over again.