Wyoming Arts Council


Drawing is and has always been the foundation of my work, it's where I start and where I always return to. However; I currently move between drawing, painting and photography, employing images inspired by traditional western lifestyle, and my individual spiritual and social concerns. Animals play an inherent role in my life and work, and are often imbued with attributes displaying “the human condition.”

I earned my B.F.A. from The University Of Minnesota, during which time I studied in Italy and New York City. After spending time in New York City I returned to Montana, where I was born, and I later relocated to Wyoming. I've had the good fortune to have spent years working with horses and cattle.

Early in my career I was awarded a C.E.T.A. grant to produce an edition of prints for the city of Minneapolis. I've earned awards from juried shows, I've participated in numerous shows in New York City, and various locations throughout the United States. Regionally I've exhibited in a number of shows and several galleries in Montana and Wyoming. I've been included in shows at The Brinton Museum,
and The Wyoming State Museum.

I was born in Lewistown, Montana and now reside in Story, Wyoming.