Wyoming Arts Council


Michelle (Shelly) has been in love with stories her entire life. It wasn't until she took a storytelling class at the University of Kentucky, while working on her Master's Degree, that she became hooked. Since then she have been telling stories to children and adults in many venues.  Retiring from her position as a teacher-librarian in 2011, she decided it was time to follow her dream of  becoming a professional storyteller.

Michelle has large repertoire of stories that she tells depending on the venue. These include:
*Multi-cultural stories from around the world: These include audience participation for the younger children and longer tales for the older children and adults.
*Spooky stories: these stories can be presented before Halloween but can be presented at anytime during the year. Stories for the younger children are funny or only mildly scary, while tales for the older audiences are quite a bit spookier.
*Holiday Tales: These non-religious Christmas stories are only available during December.
*1st person narrative: This program is 30 to 45 minutes long. It tells the story of Hannah Boone and how her brother Daniel influenced her life. Within her story, you get a feel for the fearless explorers, the French, the British and Native Americans whose paths crossed many times during the Revolutionary War.
*Wyoming stories: these include many stories from Wyoming’s history or a setting within the state.
*Nature stories: tall tales , pourquoi stories, constellation stories ( great for a night time program).
Many of her stories incorporate music, puppets and mime.
Michelle is the the current Wyoming representative to the National Storytelling Network. She has lived in Basin, Wyoming for 36 years.