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“Bunny Sings Wolf brings a depth and generosity of spirit that speaks to the soul of Wyoming and the West” F. Mikel Carmon, Spiritriders Leadership Outfitters, Presenter, Bunny Sings Wolf concert and catered dinner at Bomber Mountain Civic Center, Buffalo, Wyoming January 2018.

"Longmire" Netflix series actors unanimously judged Bunny's original song "Mato Tipila" a winner in its world debut performance at the July 19, 2019 Longmire Days' talent contest. Following are some of the actors reviews of her live presentation:

"Oh wow! thank you so much for your beautiful spirit. Your music is so special!” Bailey Chase - Branch Connolly

"Thank you for that experience. Virtually stunning, powerful words and messages...mesmerizing and hypnotic. I feel the healing! Thanks for all of it, words, music, thoughts, energy!" A. Martinez - Jacob Nighthorse

"Beautiful, Bunny!"
Robert Taylor - Walt Longmire

Bunny Sings Wolf presents music to heal a heart, a nation, a world in her just released "Buffalo Dreams" single and her 8th self produced album "Black Hills Back Roads" which may be heard at https://bunnysingswolf.hearnow.com/black-hills-back-roads.

"Bunny Owns the Stage at Historic Homestake Opera House!
...Bunny performs with a quiet charisma that I find impossible to describe. She owned the stage the moment she appeared to speak a few words, pick up a flute and begin to play, and then to pick up her guitar and sing. Her voice is rich with just a hint of breathiness, and is a force all its own. Her persona is pure peace with an underlying humor that caught the audience and led them to howl along with her on the “Moon” song.” March 2009, Rapid City Journal review of Bunny Sings Wolf, Black Hills Live Section
“In basic heart rhythms that take you to historic events as well as down the not often traveled peaceful back roads to slower, quieter times, Bunny’s sweet, deep, soft and almost Celtic voice is punctuated with hints of dynamic jazz, sometimes with country overtones when called for. Acoustic folk guitar, heartbeat drum, and each of her 10 custom-made white buffalo "bird" Native Flutes in various keys add another deep dimension in music to a soulful live performance experience.´ from Panache Magazine front cover story.

While living a simple life close to the land, Bunny Sings Wolf has learned to hear the gentle songs in the breath breezes of hills, streams, skies and wild open surrounding prairies where, since 1999, over 420 original songs have come to her in dreams. Sent from the HEART of the sacred Black Hills her music has been called "Good Medicine" in a genre all her own dubbed “Lakota-inflective Folk Music” by Rapid City Journal. In the power of her soulful song where visible breath speaks there remains an undercurrent, a reverberating theme, reminding that we are the caretakers of the Earth and we are all related - Mitakuye Oyasin! (Lakota - we are all related, all my relations).

A consummate professional she is the recipient of a Wyoming Arts Council Performing Arts Fellowship Honorable Mention in 2019, the prestigious 2007 nomination in Canadas Aboriginal Peoples Music Choice Awards for her “Prophecy Keeper” album, commissioned to write and record the theme song “Jackalope” for a Sundance film created in Wyoming, and her recently released her “Sevens” written and recorded to honor the beautifully preserved and respectfully maintained lands embodied in and surrounding the golf course and new 77 Steakhouse and Saloon perched on the red cliffs overseeing the town of Hulett, WY.

With eight solo, self-produced music CDs and listeners around the globe at Itunes, Spotify, and from her official music web site at www.bunnysingswolf.com, her long time loyal fan base continues to grow worldwide.

In concerts and workshops, performing her original music along with a few carefully selected covers in contemporary, folk, and country genres, her music carries perspectives from and is reminiscent of indigenous earth connections AND the early pioneer spirit of her ancestors since she is descendant of relatives who fought on BOTH sides in the Battle of the Little Bighorn.

Bunny’s birth name was incorporated in a traditional Lakota naming ceremony to include "Sings Wolf". She was told this name - Mastinchana Sungmanido Lowanpi - was to remind her that it has taken many crushed bunny hearts to feed and nourish a wise wolf teacher with the strength of heart and voice to demonstrate the ability to shape-shift from a bunny’s quiet protective stillness blending under the shadows of the moon (like the meaningful thoughtful pauses between notes in a well delivered song), to morph into the resounding strength and conviction of a powerful wolf voice, reflecting the freedom of an unencumbered spirit and well-traveled, family, tribe and nation nurturing alpha wolf woman, sending soulful voice far and wide in songs to heal a heart, a nation, a world.

True to her name, her songwriting inspiration continues to focus on the intricate beauty of word pictures straight-from-the-heart in story songs about hills, seasons, little known history, truth seeking, friendship, love, world peace, beauty, and comforting open and still wild undiscovered spaces, old ranchers, mining towns, and her many experiences of life in melodies punctuated with her peacefully artful use of Native American flute, Lakota drum and her unique self-taught and sensitive acoustic guitar accompaniment.

For complete biography, concert and press reviews, music samples, CD discography, workshop descriptions, posted public concert schedule, concert, workshop, fan photos, pencil portrait artwork and more, please visit Bunny Sings Wolf official website www.BunnySingsWolf.com.

Tickets for some of Bunny's upcoming Wyoming concerts may be found at www.Eventbright.com. Call 605-722-0004 now to book concert dates for Bunny Sings Wolf concert performances for the 2020 - 2021 concert season.