Wyoming Arts Council


Bunny Sings Wolf: Music to Heal the Heart and Soul of all our relations

Bunny Sings Wolf is a captivating singer-songwriter whose soulful, "Lakota-inflected folk" sound blends elements of contemporary, folk, and country genres. Accompanied by her skilled acoustic guitar, Native American flutes, and Lakota drum, her performances have been praised for their depth, generosity of spirit, and ability to "speak to the soul."

As the Rapid City Journal noted, Bunny "owns the stage" with a "quiet charisma" that is "impossible to describe." Her rich, slightly breathy vocals carry listeners on a journey through stories of nature, love, history, and the human experience. One reviewer described her voice as "a force all its own."

Over the past 20+ years, Bunny has self-produced 10 solo albums, including her latest release "Black Hills Back Roads." In 2019, she received an Honorable Mention from the Wyoming Arts Council Performing Arts Fellowship. Among the other numerous awards she has earned, noteworthy was the 2019 Longmire Days talent competition, that was judged by the show’s Netflix cast members who unanimously praised her soulful performance of her original song “Mato Tipila” accompanied by her native flute and acoustic guitar, to a mesmerized standing room only audience.

Bunny’s singing, performing and songwriting talents have also earned her recognition beyond Wyoming’s borders. When her solo concerts do not conflict, she continues (since 2017) as a core national touring member of the renowned folk group The New Christy Minstrels, whose ranks have included music legends like Kenny Rogers and John Denver.

Beyond her musical career, Bunny is focused on creating her "Indigenous Healing" app - a digital sanctuary filled with original songs, teachings, and wisdom to help people unlock their own capacity for love, harmony, and peace. She is also working on two books - one on the art of communication, and another exploring the scientific basis for oneness and love as the foundation of all creation.

Through her music, writings, and upcoming global live-streamed healing art event, Bunny Sings Wolf is dedicated to helping individuals and communities to rediscover their innate connection to the earth's life-honoring creative resonance, and effectively connect with one another from all nations to unite in compassion and love as the only viable, powerful force able to shape-shift the present negating energy of fear that separates us, into the living art form capable of healing and uniting us as one cooperative human family, naturally. Her work embodies the Lakota philosophy of Mitakuye Oyasin - "we are ONE, all my relations."