Wyoming Arts Council


Things I do:

Play guitar - play piano - try to play drums - teach music to kids - teach music to adults - drink coffee - teach jazz improvisation classes - attempt to explain jazz theory - walk dogs - feed dogs - play with dogs - write tunes - listen to jazz - listen to Led Zeppelin - try to keep learning

Things I've done (so far):

Played guitar for 30 years - taught music for 20 years - played over 1000 gigs - earned an Applied Music Diploma from Mohawk College - performed at the Brantford International Jazz Festival, TD Niagara Jazz Festival, (insert city here) Jazz Festival... - adjudicator and clinician at 50th Annual Kinser Jazz Festival - played on dozens of recordings (sometimes for only 8 bars) - played on radio (remember radio?) and TV - toured across Canada multiple times (and survived)

Things I like:

Playing music with friends - playing music with strangers - improvising - teaching - being taught - writing music - helping others write and perform music - playing jazz standards - playing original music - drinking coffee (did I mention that already?) - listening to any kind of HONEST music