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Steven Bates' connection to the Air Force and the military has been life long. He is the son of a retired Chief Master Sergeant and a retired Federal civilian employee. He later went on to serve in the Air Force himself. Serving others has been his predominant goal. He has unique perspectives as a child of the military, a member of the military and civilian police forces, and now a veteran of those services.

Steven Bates has been writing poetry for years. He has always wanted to leave something for his children, while at the same time wanting to help and inspire others. He desires to help others to not feel alone in their struggles with depression, PTSD, and others. Steven's sense of humor helps to lighten some of the difficult topics. Steven has written three books of poetry and is working on his 4th. He and his wife formed a nonprofit company to distribute poetry of healing and compassion to those struggling or caring for, with PTSD, depression or suicidal thoughts. All of his published poetry is available in book form on Amazon, Barnes and Noble online, or in audio versions at Audible.com (narrated by the amazing voice talents of the Paul Tuttle Voiceovers company). That being said, all of Steven's poetry is available for free perusal on his facebook musings page listed below. This is because Steven feels quite strongly that if someone needs comfort with poems, they have somewhere immediate and free to go to, much to the chagrin of his publisher....