Wyoming Arts Council


A mother of four, began writing poetry after telling stories like ‘Hansel and Gretel’ and ‘Jack and the Bean-stock’ in rhyme to entertain the little ones while waiting for the water tank to fill or sitting in a pickup for long periods waiting for the cattle to come for feed or waiting for teenagers at a track meet. A favorite saying a few years back… “Two teenagers, toilet training and teething do not come highly recommended….” Common tales then turned into stories of her own with the children being the main characters and, after living as a rancher’s wife in rural Crook County, Wyoming real-life accounts began to be spun. Cowboy poetry (rather yarned by a male or female) has a certain beat to it, an incident to be shared, and somehow holds a question of insanity. Some say most cowboy renditions are 75% truth and 25% elaboration. However, some of these accounts are 100% true without flair. Because, as most of us can attest, some chronicles carry enough insanity that elaboration or flair is not necessary. After 20 years of writing, Darla has been published over 100 times, has been the guest speaker for several small and large functions including the International Young Farmers convention. Today, she is a grandmother of seven, known to her family as the lead cow (as referenced by her children) and will take that as a compliment since most of us know how important the lead cow can be when it comes to providing direction to and taking care of the herd. Other passions, besides writing poetry include painting, drawing and photography.