Wyoming Arts Council

Scarlow's Gallery

Contact: Claire Marlow

Casper, WY


Phone | 3072378390

Web | http://www.scarlowsgallery.com

Email | goedickes@gmail.com


Our Space
Scarlow's Gallery opened in October 2014, soon after the completion of the Goedicke's remodel. When starting the business, the potential of a 2500 square foot retail space to the west of Goedickes, was unlimited and from the very beginning, it had to be a space for art, artists and sharing the creative visions of not only Casper's local community but also the surrounding states. With a beautiful skylight, 100 year old wood floors, a loft and high ceilings, it was time to make the space shine. With a lot of elbow grease and determination, Scarlow's Gallery opened in 2014, with the intention to benefit Casper's downtown and artist community.

Our Mission
Scarlow's Gallery was created with the intentions to provide artists of all kinds, a place to show their talents, speak their creative minds and show the community that the arts in Casper and Wyoming, are an influential aspect of the growth and success of our city and state.

Scarlow's Gallery will always support local artists throughout Wyoming, being a space for close communities to collaborate and share. Variety and fresh perspectives are a beneficial aspect to the progression of Casper and that is why Scarlow's will work hard to showcase artists from varying states and countries.

Event Rentals
Scarlow's Gallery

122 W 2nd St Casper, Wy 82601




The gallery space is available for events of all sizes. A beautiful handmade, cottonwood bar, basic kitchen tools, loft with 2 story ceilings, 100 year old wood floors and a breathtaking skylight, Scarlow's is great for parties, fundraisers, private events, weddings, concerts and more! Rates vary according to group size and event time, but often average at $300. Please call or email with questions!