Wyoming Arts Council

The Unknown Knowns

Contact: Anthony Campese

Gillette, WY

Independent Music

Phone | 9702180931

Email | Gufslap@gmail.com


The "The Unknown Knowns" are a Northern Psychedelic band based out of Gillette Wyoming. We play anything in the realm of Jazz, Blues, Rock, Bluegrass, Indie, & Funk. We typically play (original) music but we do have quite a few covers up our sleeve. (Depending on what the crowd may be like). Five members make up our band... Shane Ernst- Bass/Electric Guitar/Drums/Vocals, Thomas Hunt- Synth/Drums/Bass/Vocals, Robby Cardenas-Acoustic Guitar/Electric Guitar, Addy Buchanan- Drums/Synth/Ukulele/Vocals, And Anthony (Aytu) Campese- Vocals/Rhythm Guitar/Synth. We plan to tour in our refurbished bus throughout the summer of 2019 and will be releasing our first album before the tour.