Wyoming Arts Council

7220 Records

Contact: Dawson Forkner

Laramie, WY

Independent Music

Phone | 307-275-1841

Web | https://7220records.com

Email | 7220records@gmail.com


19-year-old Laramie rapper Dawson Forkner uses his lyrics to tell his story and touch lives of those who listen. By opening up his life in music, Daws puts the past behind him and looks to the future. Raised in Cheyenne, Wyoming - Dawson's passion for music began at age 9. Influenced by rap movements such as Pro Era, Odd Future and Flatbush Zombies he began free-styling with his friends in the school bathroom in 7th grade. From there, his love for the art took off. Like many modern rappers, his roots began with sound-cloud where he released his first single "Cocky" during his freshman year of high school. Soon after that he released his top song "Upper//Downers" and showed the world was he was capable of lyrically. After co-founding 7220 Records, Daws released his first album "Lost in the Woods:. His goals now include building his label, career and to put Laramie on the map. His most recent song, Clarity, highlights the advancement of his music.