Wyoming Arts Council


I am interested in influence, both how people experience and shape place and how place shapes people.

I create visual artwork that is rooted in curiosity and photography, driven by research and often comprising multiple forms of storytelling, including: mapmaking, oral history collection, sound recordings, contextual writing, books, short films, archival records and collective voice. I craft images to be vessels, carrying more than the color palettes, lines and composition they present at the initial glance. They are visual invitations, encouraging the viewer to explore the hidden layers, to expand and learn more about the person, the landscape, the object, the ritual, the story.

I use my tools to engage with folks to co-create spaces and platforms to tell their stories. It is deeply humbling and grounding to work alongside community members to collaboratively share stories of culture, experience and history. Stories fundamentally create spaces of commonality and connection.

Place is inseparable from story. I pull profound inspiration from the awe of the natural world and the spirit and significance of place- ancient and modern. I use my tools to engage with this landscape and learn what it has bore silent witness to through time.

It also it brings me exquisite joy to make pretty things.