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Caleb Bristol is a musician based in Laramie, Wyoming. Caleb worked with Dauphin (Jason Burge), Julian Saporiti, Nathaniel Riley, and Dendrons (Chicago) as a cellist, wrote music for a hardcore band called Caligari, and pursuing experimental music later on in Brazcena, with Dylan Stowers (Super Ultra, Elk Tongue), doing vocals, making beats, and performing with a plastic milk jug attached to a contact microphone.

Caleb went to the University of Wyoming, where he studied Music Performance in Cello with Dr. Beth Vanderborgh. He has done eye opening masterclasses with Lynn Harrell, Gerard Schwarz (former conductor for the Seattle Symphony), Mike Block, and Zuill Bailey.

He also studied composition under the tutelage of Dr. Anne Guzzo (University of Wyoming), Dr. Chris Erickson (Sheridan College), and Dr. Eric Richards (Sheridan College). His interests in genres such as post punk, power violence, neo classical, country and jazz all came together in the few compositions he had worked on. His first piece, "Pour Les Morts", was an experiment in taking those ideas.

Caleb recently worked with Fort Collins local, Nathaniel Riley, a folk musician. Caleb arranged some string parts for Riley's debut album "Bird Songs".

His current solo project, wAHb, is an experimental folk conglomerate. He draws from various influences (Slint, Sawtooth Grin, Songs: Ohia / Jason Molina / Magnolia Electric Co., Jim O'Rourke, Bill Staines, Gustav Mahler, Neil Young), noise and sound collage for some of his songs. He recently released a live album called "Greenfield Pub" in October of 2023.


Immanuel Missionary Tabernacle (2022)
Greenfield Pub (2023)