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Contact: Superblanket

Cheyenne, WY

Independent Music | Singers & Songwriters

Email | superblanketband@gmail.com


What is a Superblanket? A friend? A foe? BOTH?

Nah, it’s a ragtag group of musicians brought together by the inexorable gravity of fate in 2017 with a loose center on Cheyenne, Wyoming. It’s a couple of vocalists, a pianist, a percussionist, a violinist, and a bassist. It’s essentially a new paradigm in music.

So what does a Superblanket sound like? Well, for starters, pretty dang good. But more specifically, it’s a kind of dizzying mixture of progressive rock, art metal, chamber music, ambient jazz, post-folk, ironic pop, and, uh, okay, maybe this isn’t actually clarifying anything. You know what? Why don’t you just come out to hear us so you can decide for yourself.

We’ll be waiting for you.