Wyoming Arts Council


“Culmination” out of Casper, WY is a “Soul/Hip-hop” group with strong Jazz influence. The founding members, Mario Feraud, Aaron Hanson, Reed Hilton, and Kasey Stewart (all Natrona County High School Alumni) have been training musically over the last 15 years. After Feraud’s (University of Denver) and Hanson’s (Berklee School of Music) degrees in music, they came back to Casper to rethink their tactics on a musical career. The convergence point- “Jazz Verbs” held fall of 2017.

The new chapter - “Culmination” is now a band of 6 active members, Mario Feraud (Sax, Keys, Lyrics), Aaron Hanson (Bass, Lyrics), Reed Hilton (Drums, Lyrics), Kasey Stewart (Trumpet, Flugel), Bryan Sanders (Sax, Guitar), and Paul Radzi (Vocals, Percussions). By founding “Culmination”, the most desired outlook for their music is through a captive live audience, while taking their knowledge and sharing it with various communities.