Wyoming Arts Council


Contact: Talissa Abeyta


2D Visual Art | Folk/Traditional Arts & Native Arts

Phone | 3073495661 (mobile)

Web | http://tabeyta.artspan.com

Email | td_abeyta_2005@yahoo.com


I am a Native American contemporary artist. I am a descendant of the Eastern Shoshone/ Northern Arapaho/ Paiute/ Isleta Pueblo tribes. I was raised on the Wind River Indian Reservation located in Wyoming. My native heritage is the inspiration for my work.
My artwork combines Native American patterns, designs and traditions with contemporary design and approaches. I like to use acrylic paint, watercolor, printmaking, and ledger art.
I am a compassionate optimist who is inspired by love, heritage, and life. I feel blessed to have this present day experience of being a Native American woman. My art allows me to have a voice and freedom to express my thoughts and emotions without restraint. The way I feel I can best represent the love I have for my heritage and people is by creating art that depicts Native Americans in beauty, grace, resilience, and strength. Of course all the while paying my respects to their individual expression between and within Native American communities. There is so much diversity in culture between tribes and I find their individual uniqueness beautiful. It is my hope to make it obvious both our humanity and divinity. I aspire to reconcile, heal and enlighten through my artwork.