Wyoming Arts Council


I started BOLO Photo in Cheyenne in 2017, initially to promote my car show photography. My artistic pursuit progressed to captivation by night photography, including light writing and light painting as well as long exposures without added artificial light.

The vision for my ongoing “Wild West Automotive Astroscapes and Night Lights” series—simple to show; elusive to evoke—is to make each image a window: Look out—for that time in that place shall never be again; look beyond—for you must follow your own dark road to light up your own vast sky.

Fortunately, I have accommodating friends who understand the ordeal they’re in for when I say, “Let’s go ‘take a picture’ of your car.” And they go—night after night. Night or day, private shoot or public event, my passion as an automotive photographer is ultimately to showcase the enduring beauty of classic cars—made more stunning just by the love of driving.