Wyoming Arts Council


Robynn Gabel had two dreams growing up, writing books and riding horses. In her first two books, she fulfilled them both by publishing her award-winning story about her time with Elvis, a champion Missouri Fox Trotter. However, her continual pursuit of adventure pushed her off into the deeper waters of writing a historical romance novel taking place in the backdrop of the Viking Age. An adventurer at heart herself she has always been an avid traveler and has held career positions in a variety of fields but Robynn’s calling to write has never wavered earning her prestigious literary awards. In her latest book, Norse Hearts, she draws from a rich treasure trove of experiences and painstaking research to provide not only a historically authentic tale but one with true emotional power only she can bring.

When she is not writing she lives life with her husband Mark in the wind-swept land of Wyoming riding Missouri Fox Trotters, and loving a large herd of children and grandchildren.