Wyoming Arts Council


Sadie Winter grew up on a ranch in Wyoming, immersed in the DIY aesthetic and frontier ingenuity of outsider art. She discovered clay as a production potter for Piney Creek Pottery from 2015-2017, finding joy in the physical and creative labor and drawing strength from the landscape and historical detritus of the West.

Sadie's work is primarily invested in the relationships between humans and their surroundings: how our actions impact the environment and how the environment affects humans. She often incorporates found objects, unconventional materials, and motion into her pieces, repurposing and examining resources.

She make objects and images that, through material, scale, form, and surface, elicit intense tactile responses and inspire physical engagement. Varying surface textures and colors, nontraditional materials, motion, and scale are methods they use to heighten basic functional forms & western imagery. The pieces have a bit of unruliness built into them, a tension between “use” and “play.”

Sadie has attended work-study programs at Penland School of Craft, interned at Anderson Ranch Arts center, received a post-baccalaureate from Utah State University in ceramics, and most recently, worked and interned at the Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts. They teach and have a studio practice in Laramie, Wyoming.