Wyoming Arts Council


Born and raised in Ten Sleep, Wy in the mid 80's. Lived there until 2005 when I went to Casper College to study Theater Technology with special emphasis on lighting (because I wanted to be a roadie at Heavy Metal shows). Due unfortunate circumstances, I wounded up becoming a nationally certified phlebotomist. That brought me to Cheyenne in 2010. Glass artist since 2003. Daniels Fund Scholar (2005). Specialty works include glass beads, pendants, marbles, and figurines. I am a torch worker (also known as a lamp worker). Glass can be blown on a torch but has different techniques than those you see with the long steel pipe. Been away from the torch for sometime. But, gradually working towards full time. I also do freak/sideshow stunts, standup comedy, and aspiring to be an author, like my grandfather. I am a polymath, and been accused of being Renaissance man in the past.