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Wolverine Theatrics

Contact: Nathaniel Quinn

Cheyenne, WY

Theatres/Performance Venues

Phone | 307-214-0986 (mobile)

Web | https://theatre4school.wixsite.com/wolverine

Email | wolverinetheatrics@gmail.com


A theatre company devoted to working ferociously to bring art to life.
Why Wolverine?
Like theatre, the wolverine is frequently misunderstood. Often seen as violent or irrational the wolverine is quite curious and inquisitive by nature. It is a creature that is both mischievous and thoughtful. In many cultures it is portrayed as a trickster god, much like the fox. While it can be viewed as solitary, it has a deep routed family dynamic as well. These elements combined with its relentless pursuit of its goals make it a perfect calling card for our company where we hope to relentlessly and passionately pursue the art of story telling, with a ferocity that can only come from a place in the heart.