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Final Troopers preseason camp in Wyoming set for UW on April 25-27

Troopers – 2013 DCI World Championship Prelims

The Troopers Drum & Bugle Corps will hold its final preseason camp at UW this weekend. Today’s Casper Star-Trib reports that the Troopers are looking for tuba and trumpet players and offer these incentives: “Musicians ages 14 to 21 who want to spend their summer rehearsing 14 hours a day, traveling at night on buses, sleeping on gymnasium floors and making beautiful music to cheering stadiums full of people are urged to apply immediately.”

Sounds good to us.

Corps Director Fred Morris said that the annual Drums Along the Rockies competition has been switched from Casper to Cheyenne on July 11. Major construction at both Casper high schools prompted the switch to Cheyenne South High School.

While the Troopers are on the lookout for sponsorships, the group also does some of its own sponsoring. This year, they’re providing instruments and educational materials to Amy Munsell’s Vibes and Performing Arts in Casper. This music education program accepts little tykes all the way up through high school age.

The Troopers have received Operating Support Grants from the Wyoming Arts Council for the last four years.

To get more information about the Troopers, including an application to for membership and Cheyenne show tickets, call 307-472-2141 or go to http://troopersdrumcorps.org/

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