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Free screening of Wyoming’s post-apocalyptic "Undead Lovers" Saturday in Laramie

K. Harrison Sweeney

Must be something in the water or the air or the schools up in Washakie County.

Wyomingarts just finished writing about a Kickstarter project by Dave Henderson, an artist who grew up in Worland and now lives in Maine, when another arts project with a Worland connection came across our virtual desk. This one’s a film that’s the brainchild of K. Harrison Sweeney, a 1996 Worland H.S. and a 2001 UW Theatre & Dance graduate. He now lives in Santa Monica, CA, and acts and makes films:

“From the Trailer to the Grave” is a post-apocalyptic film set just eight months after the Undead Uprising caused by natural disasters… Think “Napolean Dynamite” meets “Shaun of the Dead” meets “Whip It.”

Wyoming exists as a relative utopia with a giant wall… bordering the entirety of the state to protect its ranches, farmlands, natural gas, wind turbines, solar panels, and geothermal energy.

“From the Trailer to the Grave” is slated to shoot next fall of 2012 when Wyoming’s landscapes are at their most colorful. With your financial contributions we’ll be able to reunite K. Harrison Sweeney’s favorite colleagues and show the world what happens when they don’t tend to their resources like the Cowboy State does.

One intriguing aspect of the project is the soundtrack featuring Wyoming musicians Jalan Crossland (Ten Sleep), The Upbeat Project (Laramie), Micah X. Wyatt (Sheridan) and others.

K. Harrison informs wyomingarts that there will be a screening this weekend.

We are holding free screenings of our short film “Undead Lovers” (using Jalan Crossland’s honky tonk song of the same name) around the state. The first screening is 2 p.m. this Saturday, August 27, at the UW Fine Arts Main Stage in Laramie. Live music and hors d’oeuvres will be available at the reception.

Do you have recommendations on how to better raise funds for the feature film we’re shooting next fall on which this short film is based? Because of the marquee actors involved, we’ve already been asked to screen “Undead Lovers” at two festivals/comic cons without even having submitted for them yet.

Look up K. Harrison on Facebook and send him your idea about funding, screenings, etc. Head out to Laramie Saturday for the screening. And contribute, if you choose, to the feature film that’s in the works at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bighornsamuraisinema/reunite-the-red-dead-redemption-stars-for-our-zomr

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