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Get ready for Cheyenne’s Fast Filmmaking Festival

From a Wyoming Community Media press release:

Start getting your teams together for the 2014 edition of the Fast Filmmaking Festival Cheyenne. Teams have from the third Friday in September – September 19 — to the first Friday in October –- October 3, 2014 — to complete their productions.

Top prize is $500 for best film; $200 for best student (under 20) film. There will be $50 awards for Best Screenplay, Best Music, Best Actor.

The FFMF is one that converges arts and history and movies. We’ll provide two or more story lines that have to do with history in Cheyenne to which the movies must adhere.

Put some thought into this. We’ll be posting some story lines about historic events and people in Cheyenne well before September 19 so you can start getting your stories together. The basic rules are:

– Registration happens anytime before October 3rd through the website. There will be live registration on September 19 at the Plains Hotel starting at 4pm.

– The “Brief” with the props, phrases, locations and other requirements to be included in each movie will be available on Friday September 19th at 6pm on this website or live at the Plains Hotel 1600 W. 16th Street on the same day and time.

– Movie length is 00:07:00:00 Seven minutes means Seven Minutes Zero Seconds Zero Frames

– Historic events and places are more important this year. Last year, most of the movies used the “low hanging fruit” approach and just made casual mention or reference to the historic event and then went off on their own with an unrelated story. Straight documentaries are “in bounds” too – using photos, stock footage and interviews with ‘experts’ or those who lived the experience. In 2014, we want stories that better incorporate historic Cheyenne. Think about how that happened in “Shakespeare in Love” as an example. The movie was based on a true character, William Shakespeare, but was about a totally fictitious relationship between Gwyneth Paltrow and Joseph Fiennes as Shakespeare when he was writing Romeo and Juliet. Now doing period pieces can look hokey in no-budget movies, but think about how you can meld historic period stories into the present. There will be some posts about your story telling.

– Non-local projects are encouraged.  There are no requirements to actually be in Cheyenne locations. We allow green screens, use of historic photos and stock footage.

– The deadline to upload your movie to a designated youtube channel, which will be made know later, is 6:00pm October 3, 2014. Every year, some team has major problems with compressing their movie so that it is a small, high resolution file, rather than a humongous, mega-gigabyte file that doesn’t upload correctly. This is one of those things that there really are no excuses since you have two weeks to make your movie. If you have questions about this, contact us well before hand. There also are instructions that are available for download on the site.

– Rules subject to change. The rules are much looser than they used to be, but may be changed. Check back from time to time or join the facebook page to keep up with the latest. You’re pretty much allowed to use all the tools available to you to make your movie. Since production value should not be an issue, then the main voting criteria are based on the story. So spend some time on your screenplay. The required props can be plopped in to your production easily. The trick will be crafting your story so that it better interlaces with one of the many historic events that happened in Cheyenne.

FMI:  http://www.fastfilmfestcheyenne.com/

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