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Get your copy of Pat Frolander's Married Into It this weekend at Wyoming Writers, Inc., conference

Wyomingarts looks forward to getting a signed copy of Patricia Frolander’s new book this week in Casper at the Wyoming Writers, Inc., conference. Married Into It is a collection of poetry by Pat. Published by Glendo’s High Plains Press, it features a cover illustration by award-winning Wyoming artist Sarah Rodgers. The WWInc conference bookstore is sure to have plenty of copies. If for some strange reason you’re not coming to Casper this weekend (for the first time ever, the conference hotel may be accessible by boat!), you can order a signed copy from the author at Patricia Frolander, 19652 US Highway 14, Sundance, WY 82729. It is $12.95 plus $2 S&H. You can also buy copies at www.highplainspress.com or your favorite local bookstore or www.amazon.com.

Here are some review comments:

South Dakota writer Kent Meyers, author of The Work of Wolves:

Patricia Frolander writes of a place and way of life where disaster can be measured in seconds and where the most harrowing loss can emerge from the simplest of mistakes. Frolander understands just how indifferent the world is to human presence, but she makes of that understanding a quiet grandeur. Against indifference, these poems insist on redemptive beauty and the power of relationship. They are unstinting and clear-eyed, poems about the world as-it-is and about how human beings live not in but with it, and with each other, in both endurance and mutual support. 

Laurie Wagner Buyer, Colorado, author of When I Came West:

Vivid, honest, full of the beautiful clarity of hard-won expression, these poems will change the way the world thinks about women in ranching. Beneath the tough conditions and unrelenting work of western ranch life lie unbreakable threads of tenderness and conviction, one that ties working hands to stalwart hearts, and observant minds to the absolute souls of the earth.

John D. Nesbitt, novelist and poet, Torrinton, Wyo., Gather My Horses:

The poems in Married Into It show true Western spirit as they express a love for the land, the animals, and the ranching way of life.  This collection is evocative-rich with details and toned with perfect elegy.

Get more info on the author at the Bear Lodge Writers web site. Congratulations, Pat. See you Friday in Casper

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