Wyoming Arts Council

Gillette’s April 21 Prairie Wind Culture Festival celebrates the region’s "rich cultural diversity"

The Prairie Wind Culture Festival (PWCF) will take place in Gillette on Saturday, April 21. Sponsors include the Wyoming Arts Council.

Here’s a description from the web site:

PWCF was started in 2004. It is an all volunteer, non-profit, secular organization with one goal: to celebrate the rich cultural diversity that exists in northeastern Wyoming.

The PWCF is an annual Festival that is free and open to the public. As with any culture, the three main elements of the Festival are food, music and art! This unique event brings people together to celebrate their differences while discovering the many ways in which we are all related.

By creating an environment where people can be proud of who they are and that teaches respect for all people, we hope to strengthen our community and avoid cultural divisions.

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