Wyoming Arts Council

ADA/504 Compliance for Grantees

Recipients of Arts Council funds must comply with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA).  Grantees must have  a current Organization Accessibility Checklist, a Self-Evaluation or a Plan on file or completed during the grant period. The organization must review and update the ChecklistSelf-Evaluation or Plan every three years to be current.


An accessibility Checklist is a quick review of your organization, facility and programs. Download and complete if you do not already have a Self-Evaluation or Plan.

Checklist Forms

Accessibility terminology used in the checklist

Accessibility Coordinator – A designated staff/board member/volunteer to oversee accessibility and Section 504/ADA compliance

Accessibility Policy/Statement – An organization’s accessibility policy should state a commitment and approach to making all services, information, and programs accessible to individuals with disabilities and others lacking access to the arts

Access Committee – A group to advise on access issues and that includes members with various disabilities

Accessibility Symbols- Used to promote accessibility services

Targeted programs that provide creative activities or participation – Programs and services specifically designed for constituents that lack access to the arts

Inclusive programs that provide creative activities or participation – Programs and services designed to include constituents that lack access to the arts alongside the organization’s target audience

Outreach to bring arts to these constituents – A dedicated effort to deliver existing programs and services to constituents that lack access to the arts

Outreach to bring these constituents to programs – A dedicated effort to help constituents come to or attend existing programs and services

A publicized process to request accommodations – Information on how to request accommodations to fully participate in or benefit from the programs and services. Often includes contact information (email or phone) and a deadline (two weeks prior to the activity) to make the request.

Self-Evaluation and Plan

A Self-Evaluation is a more extensive review of your organization, facility and programs. A Plan takes the form of a document that guides board, staff and volunteers in their commitment to comply with the ADA/504 law and to make the arts accessible to all. Grantee organizations may already have one both in place.

Tools for Grantees & Organizations

Use these tools to assess barriers, plan, and take specific steps to increase access for people with disabilities.

Wyoming Arts Council Accessibility Statement

The Wyoming Arts Council believes that experiencing the arts should be accessible for all, including people with mental and/or physical disabilities, older adults, military/veterans, people living in institutions and those who lack access to the arts due to geographic isolation, cultural difference and economic hardship.

For additional information or questions, please contact Cashmere Balland at 307-214-7819 or cashmere.balland@wyo.gov.