Wyoming Arts Council

Final Report Requirements

Everyone who receives funding from the Wyoming Arts Council is required to complete a Final Report after the project is over.  The Grant Seeker outlined what was planned in the grant application, and the Final Report tells us what actually happened.   Final Report information is used to report to the Legislature and the National Endowment for the Arts.

When is the Final Report released to the Grant Seeker?

On the Project End Date.  


When is the Final Report due?

60 days after the Project End Date.  


Can the Grant Seeker start working on the Final Report before the Project End Date?

Yes, just contact us.  


If the Grant Seeker can't complete the Final Report within 60 days, can they request an extension?

Yes, if  extenuating circumstances are going to prevent you from completing the Final report on time, email us to ask for an extension.  


What if the Grant Seeker who submitted the original application no longer works for the applicant organization?

Someone else from the organization will have to complete the Final Report, so contact us so we can re-release the Final Report to a different Grant Seeker.  


How to Access your Final Report
  • Visit the grants page on the Arts Council website and click on the Grant Category that you received funds for.
  • Scroll down to “accessing your grant application or final report,” click on the appropriate link for the time frame your project took place in and you will be redirected to the Login screen.
  • Log in to the e-grant system with your email and password (and Invitation Code, if needed).
  • The Welcome Page appears.  Scroll down to the “Impact Reports Requiring Action” section to begin working on your Final Report.
  • Click on the “save and proceed” at the bottom of each page of the Final Report, so you don’t lose any information you entered.
  • You can complete your Final Report all at once or at several different times.
  • When you are done working on your Final Report, you will go to the “application verification” page.  Here you, as the Grant Seeker, along with a second representative from the applicant organization (or the Fiscal Sponsor, if used) must certify that all facts and figures outlined in the Final Report are accurate.
  • Click the final “save and proceed” button, and you are done!
  • Your Final Report will now appear in its entirety.

An error message will appear if any required information is missing.  Click on the link in the error message to be taken to the page where the information is missing.  Add the missing information, save it and return back to the Certification Page, where you will need to click “save and proceed” one more time to return to the “submit” screen.

  • Print a copy of your Final Report for your records, and then submit it.
  • You should receive a confirmation email that you have successfully submitted your Final Report. If you do not receive this email, check your SPAM folder, and if it isn’t there, contact the Arts Council.
  • Staff will contact you if additional information is needed for your Final Report.
  • After staff has approved your Final Report, you will receive email notification.